Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Makes Someone A HERO?

By TNK's VisioniSTA

Don’t Wikipedia it, I’m asking YOU a question. What does someone have to do to become classified as a hero? Do they have to accomplish something small? Something big? Does it need to be so amazing that it’s out of this world? Must they have supernatural powers, or must they be human with supernatural gifts? What element, trait, act, thought process, gift or idea makes one a hero? If you look at the heroic individuals in the past or in the present, what is a commonality that they all share? Superheroes? Heroes are individuals who have (as MJ would say) made this world a better place, impacting from 1 person to billions or trillions as in the case of some extraordinary artists and leaders.

In all actuality there is no way to quantify how many people who have been remarkably impacted by a hero. You see, the example and lessons that are left behind by figures who have positively impacted the world LIVE ON far past their death. Many legends are never celebrated like they should be in their time. Often it is through their death that the majority of people step back and examine what the individual did to contribute to the human race.

There tends to be a few commonalities that some of the greatest heroes of all time shared. They had a message in some form (art, music, dance, writing, leading, etc.) that was greater than who they were as a human being, they had an INTENTION that was greater than who they were as a human being, they cared passionately about mankind’s progress, and they internally had the courage to use their God-given talents to speak truth in some form. They spoke often for people who had lost their strength and ability to speak for themselves.

I encourage you to IDENTIFY your heroes. Start off with people who you personally know such as family and friends, and try to work all the way out to people who are only historical figures in your book. Try to understand clearly WHY the people you have selected are your heroes. What personality traits do they have in which you’d like to attain? Sincerely be grateful for how they contributed to your life even if it was in an indirect way.

Passion that LIGHTS the WORLD on FIRE comes from SOULS with PROFOUND DESIRES.

It’s never too late to live your life with the kind of PASSION that will help you achieve your dreams, and help you become a HERO to a NEW generation. Passion is attained by CARING enough where one looks to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, small or big. Please forget about the people who have told you that you can’t. They don’t know anything. The truth is, you’ve probably already made a difference in this world. If we live in a world where EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is CONNECTED, how can we BELIEVE that we are NOT making an impact on this world??!!! WE ARE EVERYDAY, whether we think we are or not. I’m not telling you to believe this, it’s a FACT that we are all CONNECTED.

Live your life with PASSION because the choices you make today affect tomorrow AND affect the world. Why choose to believe that you can’t contribute, when YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING everyday.

If you don’t believe, you CANNOT CONCEIVE. If you cannot conceive your DREAMS will NEVER be.

If your dreams FEEL impossible, look historically at the figures WHO DID THE IMPOSSIBLE. Believe YOU can do it, too.

And finally, remember we’ve all been blessed with our own unique talents. If you don’t contribute then you throw away what God has blessed you with. You forfeit your own game and you pull yourself off the court. Do you really want to live your life on the sidelines only watching all the time? Identify your heroes and pick the ones that INSPIRE YOU to be YOUR GREATNEST. We ALL are GREAT, and we have talents given from God. I can’t be who you are, and you can’t be who I am, but together, if we use what we’ve each been given we’ll go in life exactly where we need to go, and we’ll do with our lives exactly what we were intended to do.

I CAN’T do what you do, BUT I can SEE the GREATNESS in YOU. I don’t want to just see it, I want YOU to bring it to LIFE.