Sunday, November 1, 2009



It’s the side of the road,

And if you choose it

You carry an even bigger load.

You can’t live your life

In the passenger’s seat.

Take the wheel

And drive from the driver’s seat.

Take the keys

And take control of the direction

You’re headed in.

You can’t play the blame game,

AND if you play

You’re NOT playing to win.

For you are the only one

Who chooses your path,

And when you let others choose it for you

You are still choosing it, too.

Your life has your name written all over it,

But if you give your power to another

And let them choose it for you,

You’ve once again chosen, too.

And you’ll reap what you’ve given away.

This outcome now is YOUR outcome.

Stop giving your power away;

Take it back

And EMPOWER yourself today.

You’re not a victim

Until you believe you are

For those who have faced the worst

In fact, have the most internal power

Lying dormant within.

And if you believe God has equipped you for your battles

You will ultimately see he has.

If you choose to believe you can’t overcome

Then you will never have a prayer.

You must first offer faith

Your faith will attach to belief,

Your belief in God’s greatness WITHIN you

Will set you apart from those who don’t believe.

You can only see WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

You must envision your dreams

If you wish for them to have wings.

If you feel that your life is out of your control

Start looking for the little things that you can control.

For when you dare to take your life back

You prove that dreams go BEYOND FACTS.

For people who tell you it can’t be done

Only speak for themselves,

And what mankind has yet seen.

Don’t let these souls smear your dreams.

Bind yourself with others who DREAM big, too.

For if you look at the historical facts

You will see the FIRST person to do anything

Always had to go against false seeds that were intact.

It’s never smooth sailing to be the first,

But it’s got to be the most rewarding.

Let those who wish to doubt, doubt.

For their doubt does NOT affect you

Unless you give it the power to.

Guard your dreams until you find those

Who dream like you, too.

For when your dreams are just formulating

They are vulnerable to another’s criticism.

So share them only with those who support dreaming BIG,

And with time a momentum will be created,

And the critics can have at them,

And their words will be drowned out


God has handed you.

For no one knows YOUR STORY like you do.

Only YOU can create your FUTURE

Only YOU has lived your PAST

Only YOU can embrace the PRESENT,

To take your talents

And make your dreams


Choose to take control.

Choose to play YOUR GAME.

Let the sideline critics

Do what they’re best at:

Standing on the sidelines, watching.

Watching you jump up to the stars in the sky,

And pull YOUR DREAMS down to Earth.