Sunday, January 3, 2010


By TNK's ViSiOnIsTa

They skipped my song
I was so sad,
But then a NEW one came along.
It was so SWEET
I FORGOT my old beat
The NEW one is now mine.
Time has changed my mind.
For my old song was perfect for my PAST,
And it played like a jam that gave me a blast,
But as I danced I moved away.
My dancing partners took me across the stage.
I found that I was turning a NEW page.
My frequency was shifting and steps were changing.
I wanted the past to stay in place,
I wanted to hold on,
And allow nothing to fall out of place.
I fought and struggled against the change.
I wanted to dictate the story.
I should be the ONLY one allowed to turn the page.
It happened oh so fast,
I didn’t have a chance to even LET GO of the past.
I had to keep dancing,
And I had to keep pace with the CHANGE,
But my emotions seemed to keep me back
For my heart lay BEHIND me,
And the pull of the Universe was AHEAD of me.
Some friends could NOT keep in the race,
And I didn’t want them to leave,
But the Universe only kept pulling me.
In tune to it’s rush
I had to stay in touch.
I had to move ahead for what was waiting
Was waiting for me,
And if I was willing to TRUST in my dreams.
I was going to have to let go and just BELIEVE.
My heart was floating out at sea
It could no longer take this feeling of uncertainty.
For when the Universe pulled me away
It gave me a NEW chance to play this GAME.
My emotions were boxed up to be released away
And all of a sudden the music has changed.
My song has a NEW name.
When I let go, the game got on a roll,
For my emotions before had CLOUDED my sight,
But now this time was different
I was leaning on God’s MIGHT.
To check in or check out or to move on,
My story was ready to HEAR the NEW song.
The resistance has stopped.
The flow of the Universe is FELT.
Don’t hold on, when it’s time to let go
Attach your WINGS
It’s time to go with God’s flow!