Saturday, November 28, 2009


Song: Give the PAST a Bow


It’s a powerful moment when you compile YOUR PAST
It can feel like a heavy burden
It can feel like a rock on your chest
But you can’t hold on to it
It’s a drop in time that has past its test.

It takes God to let go of the past.
What has been done might be the opportunity to make you STRONG, but you can’t grow until you LET IT GO. Just turn AHEAD, the FUTURE OFFERS you a NEW tread.

When you played with ALL you had
When you’ve given your BEST INTENTIONS
When you’ve LIVED with more PASSION than one could imagine
When you’ve LOVED with more HEART than a human being
When you’ve been BROKEN you’ve got to look ahead and leave the story behind.
It’s time to write a NEW line.

It takes God to let go of the past.
What has been done might be the opportunity to make you STRONG, but you can’t grow until you LET IT GO. Just turn AHEAD, the FUTURE OFFERS you a NEW tread.

Your world sits at your feet
You are afraid to pick it up
Because you fear the past will SPEAK.
Yet you know the time is NOW
Turn around and give the past a BOW.

It takes God to let go of the past.
What has been done might be the opportunity to make you STRONG, but you can’t grow until you LET IT GO. Just turn AHEAD, the FUTURE OFFERS you a NEW tread.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSta

For if you dare to go FIRST,
You set the pace
And the others will see that
IF YOU have the power to stand
Then they too can stand.
For it’s not about a call;
It’s already been made.
The world is WAITING
For us to turn a NEW PAGE.
The POWERS that I see,
Are powers we’ve been GIVEN.
For the forces that STAND
Must do it before man.
For my vision is GREATER
If we put OUR visions TOGETHER.
For FOUR pillars stand
And the leaders TOGETHER see more
In comparison than just one who’s gone before.
For what is written comes from your SIGHT
For if we dare to see HIGHER
You will SEE
Your GIVING purpose will make you a FLIER.
For we’ve been sent to SPEAK
For those who’ve lost their hope
To speak for themselves.
For if WE speak
We help them to LOOK UP,
And we help them to see their own potential.
For the poverty that PLAGUES the nations
Is because of a CORRUPT foundation.
For OUR LOVE will speak
If we dare to care
For our brothers,
For our sisters,
Need us to SPEAK
For their bodies are WEAK.
They have NO FOOD to feed their minds
And because of this
They’re LOSING their TIME.
Corruptness is often chosen
To PASS their time.
But if we could SEE
We would have FELT
That these souls NEED OUR HELP.
And if we dare to care
We will speak
For they have NOT yet spoken for themselves.
For their bodies are weak
For the food they need to FEED THEIR MINDS
Is NOT there,
And they’re running OUT of TIME.
The pain they have
They pass it to others.
For they have not yet DISCOVERED
That MANKIND is CONNECTED as brothers.
We must FEED their MINDS
If we wish to FEED their SOULS.
For a life that looks bleak
Has goals that reach only as far as their bodies can EAT.
If we take their goals
And make them OUR goals
We might just reach their minds.
For love power can be FED to GIVE these humans more time.
It’s our time to STAND.
We’ve been taught that
For if we LOVE,
We will SHARE,
For their minds need our CARE.
And our power, SITS HERE
Waiting to be more than useless thoughts.
If we just dare to SEE,
If we just dare to CARE.
For it was written
Air, Water, Earth & Fire
Are incomplete without
The 5th element.
The element is the 5th force;
It’s LOVE.
It causes the other FOUR ELEMENTS
For without LOVE
The 4 elements remain weak
Our future will REMAIN bleak,
But the 5th element
And the future is feeling our SHIFT
For poverty should really only be a MYTH.
For if my brother, is your brother
And your sister, is my sister
Than our CONNECTION to family is STRONG
It should INSPIRE use to REACH OUT
It should inspire us to LOVE.
For our brother,
Our sister,
Is waiting to be rescued with our vision
And our vision will be grand
If we PUT THEM in our PLANS.
And we must,
For those who are speaking,
Their minds are hungry for our LOVE
Their message is spoken from above.
For we are NOT LIVING,
If we are not GIVING,
And the message has never changed.
The same political positions still stand
The positions have not changed
Only the people in the reigns
For if we dare to stand
We must stand for good.
For our force is only as strong as our INTENTIONS,
And if we are to truly RISE
We must pick our brother up while rising.
For our victory is only
As sweet as our ability to SHARE it.
Their victory must be entwined with ours.
For we live in the 21st century
And the MIND-power
Can work with the MAN-power
That can work with the SOUL-power
For the 1 LOVE
Is the 1 TRUE POWER.
So if we dare to RISE we must rise with the thought
That my brother is IN MY HEART.
We can only rise
If they’re part of OUR VISION,
And our FOCUS is a MANKIND mission.
For our vision is their HOPE
For this is all that they’ve been left to BELIEVE.
We are left holding on to their dreams.
For their hope is OUR POWER,
For all they have is HOPE.
We must FEED their minds
So they STOP resorting to crime.
And our power can FEED their HOPE.
For the hope of power
Has to be for the REAL power.
For the only REAL POWER is LOVE.
It is the ONLY thing that comes from ABOVE.
The hope of power
Can be the power of hope
If we dare to SHARE
The power we’ve been GIVEN.
Their hope will take on a NEW vision.
We must FEED their minds;
Feed their souls.
For LOVE is the 5th element
That CONNECTS the souls,
And if we are to REALLY LIVE
We must LIVE to CARE
For the message that stands
Has always been written in our hearts.
For if we just BELIEVE,
We too can bring them NEW VICTORIES.
For the SOURCE that I feel
The source is LOVE.
The 4 elements are grand
But the 5th is GREATER
Its might outweighs the rest
And the men who REALLY LIVE
Are the men who have RISEN to see a greater VISION.
Love is the power of CREATION;
The 5th element is the element of implementation.
Because LOVE is the most powerful source AND force.
For with the four but less the 5th
The universe is BLIND
For the soul CANNOT SEE
Without LOVE in it’s MIND.
And the RIGHT POWER will only be FELT
By those who wish to rise
With a FOCUS that puts THEIR EGO in DISGUISE.
For the 5th element UNITES us
And it REVIVES us.
For those who feel it
Have known it’s SECRET power
This love power is ready to stand.
Can we reach out and help those
Who OUTREACH their starving hands?

Monday, November 23, 2009



Magic is taking a bit of the UNKNOWN,
Wrapping it into a FUTURE you can only SEE,
Taking YOUR HISTORY and mixing it in,
Then surrendering your dreams unto the POSSIBILITIES.
NOTHING is known for CERTAIN
So why not DREAM BIG?
Comes from WITHIN.
Creating a MAJESTIC future
Makes you an opportunistic SOUL
To witness MAGIC
That God has bottled up
Only for those who are TRUSTED to unfold it.
Gives you the chance to become a MAGICIAN
If you pick up the WAND
Your magical abilities come to LIFE.
If you can SEE,
SEE the MAGIC that sparkles in front of your EYES.
You cannot manifest that which you don’t BELIEVE,
So close your eyes and SEE your DREAMS.
See them in your MIND
FEEL them in your grasp.
So the Magic can effortlessly FLOW in at last to an OPEN HEART.
Magic is only a PRIZE
For those who know how to DREAM beyond the skies,
Beyond this WORLD,
For the world that we see
Endures only as long as the BELIEVERS BELIEVE it is to be.
It is just a matter of more MAGICIANS
Really believing that this world
Is only this type of reality because it’s what we’ve made it.
If this be TRUE,
Why can’t we BELIEVE that something BETTER can be, too?
Expand your vision by BELIEVING
Create a NEW WORLD
Create a NEW DREAM
This world can be in fact
BETTER than what it seems.
Have a chance to fit into these BIG schemes.
Dream ON, Dream BIG,
Take your MAGIC
Take your DREAMS,
Your belief is the Universe’s command,
Dare to believe beyond this land.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

My best friend left me.
No, he didn’t leave me at the altar,
But he BROKE my heart.
And he did it in a moment when I NEEDED him most.
I was vulnerable, and he KNEW it, too.
Yet, he LIED, created his own DISGUISE,
And said he did NOT know me.
I was told this, but I couldn’t believe it.
I couldn’t believe a man of his CHARACTER
Would stoop so low.
I absolutely did NOT believe he had this in his flow.
I thought I KNEW this man
I would have put money on his GOOD DEEDS.
Yet, how could he turn around and smite me?
He denied me
Like Judas denied Christ.
It was bitter and my pain was indescribable.
I was in a CRISIS and he jumped out of the car to save himself.
He left me because his face was all that he CARED about.
The story becomes sourer
As he chose to ignore me when I recovered.
It’s as if our friendship NEVER existed.
It’s as if I NEVER really knew this MAN.
He is gone,
And I’m left thinking, “What the heck were we ALL along?”
I can’t quite imagine these circumstances,
But they happened, and I could choose to crumble.
However, I just know…
It’s TIME to start AGAIN.
For a man that CANNOT STAND for what is GOOD,
For what is RIGHT,
Is a MAN that surely NEEDS to ADJUST his SIGHT.
What has happened is DONE.
I’m not amused that I was SHUNNED.
For are we not CHRISTIANS,
And do we not PREACH LOVE?
Wasn’t that his ONE MESSAGE from above?
I’m ALARMED to say that I THOUGHT I knew this man.
I’m at PEACE to say that I do NOT know him any longer.
If one is to ABANDON a FRIEND,
A CLOSE FRIEND, in a dire circumstance,
Shouldn’t they CONSIDER what THEY PREACH
Before they drive a wedge in the ground THAT IS SO DEEP?
I’m NOT a vengeful soul,
I’m NOT a bitter spirit,
I’ll CHOOSE LOVE ALWAYS over hate.
This has ALWAYS been on my plate.
What do I give to someone who took it ALL?
I’ll give him a PACKAGE with FORGIVENESS
And it will be laced in LOVE.
A PRESENT as BEAUTIFUL as this one can only be given ONCE,
And I’ll give it to him, NO strings attached.
Perhaps, maybe he could AT LEAST RESPOND back.
For when I give him the PRESENT
I’ll LEAVE it at his door
My life is no longer with a FAKE
I’m FREE to choose and MAKE it as it comes.
I walk on…
And if he so dares to RECEIVE my GIFT,
We’ll MOVE ON,
We’ll leave this behind.
But time is different NOW
And his TRUE COLORS cannot be hidden from mine.
I’ll ACCEPT his friendship,
But the stakes will be GONE
Because I have most DEFINITELY MOVED ON.
On a BEAUTIFUL journey I was,
But a painful LESSON had to be TAUGHT.
I understand NOW more than I could have,
Had this NOT been TRUE.
I move on, ALL is anew.
I wish him my BLESSINGS,
Mine is forever DIFFERENT,
But I choose to LEAVE behind any STRIFE.
I wouldn’t want it ANY OTHER WAY
I’d rather really KNOW A SOUL
Before he leads me ASTRAY.
I’d rather really know,
So I can really KNOW
I’m fortunate to be BLESSED with such an EXPERIENCE.
For now my SIGHT is WISER,
And my HEART is actually BRIGHTER
To love someone who has smacked you in the face,
TO wish them well,
Is definitely GOD’S AMAZING GRACE.
To find that INSIDE of you
Is but a GOD given GIFT
You’ve reached HIGHER,
And you’ve reached FARTHER
You’ve created a NEW PATH
There will be NO score to end at last.
It’s an OPPORTUNITY to see if
It’s an opportunity to SET yourself FREE.
It’s TIME to know God’s PEACE.
I left the package at his step.
I still don’t know if he picked it up yet.
I walked away KNOWING that this was GOD’S day.
For what he TAUGHT me I shall NEVER FORGET:
Forgiveness is the KEY if you wish to set yourself FREE.
I could not love deeper if I hadn’t been hit to the ground.
Now, I truly have a chance to show
And it’s what I’m LOYAL to.
I’m NOT going to hate someone
Never could I have fought more to do the RIGHT
Had he not been so low to fight.
To really COMPREHEND what
Is a GIFT from GOD,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

If you’ve ever been BROKEN
Know that you will be WHOLE again.
If you’ve ever been MISUNDERSTOOD
Know that God ALWAYS sees the WHOLE PICTURE.
If you’re taking your FIRST STEP in a NEW direction
Know that God knows how much FAITH you’re putting in him.
If your HEART has been SHATTERED
Know that you were made for someone BETTER.
If you QUESTION their intentions
Know that God’s intentions NEVER waiver.
If you question their antics
Know that God always offers CLARITY.
If it FEELS like it’s more than you can bear
Know that God NEVER asks you to go at it ALONE.
If you feel LOST
Know you will find it ALL again.
If you feel EMPTY
Know that sometimes we weren’t meant to UNDERSTAND.
If you feel WEAK
Know that your strength will come back STRONGER than ever before.
If it feels like part of your HISTORY
Know that you still have the chance to CREATE a NEW FUTURE.
If it feels BITTER
DON’T carry the baggage.
Know that you still have to FORGIVE,
Know that you still have to find more COMPASSION.
For when you do
You CUT the cords,
And your history no longer sows their DISCORD.
For what caused you to BLEED
Is NOW disconnected by your divine COMPASSION,
And though you could have said more
You CHOSE not to
Because the chains only come off
When you let FORGIVENESS guide you through.
And then it becomes apparent to one
That the CHALLENGE made you CHOOSE,
A choice at a fork in your road.
You chose to LOVE and LET IT GO,
For the lesser road will only take you DOWN,
And the future you are CREATING
Is not about taking a brother down.
So, you know that the HIGHER road is your KEY
If you wish to disconnect
From the disconnected seeds that tried to zap God’s AMAZING BEAUTY.
So you can FORGET.
So you will LET GO.
Because you would give it to YOUR own SOUL.
Render it to GOD,
For his power is GREATER than tenfold.
Surrender to the PAST,
Leave it ALONE.
Embrace your NEW FUTURE
Love your own SOUL enough to NOT put another sword in the snow.
Lose your PRIDE,
Let the EGO die.
Choose INSPIRATION to inspirit you.
Let go of man,
Hold on to God.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

I’m not going to give up
Just because the odds say I’ll never make it.
I’m not going to say you’re right
When I FEEL you’re wrong.
I’m not going to accept your conclusion
Just because my conclusion fails to meet mankind’s CURRENT database.
I’m not going to let YOUR OPINION
Drown out my INTENTIONS.
I’m not going to LOVE less,
If you love me less.
I'm going to LOVE MORE
For your actions indicate you NEED MORE.
I’m going to GIVE my BEST
Even if the world is not READY for this test.
I’m not going to accept the victim status;
I’m here to PLAY the life God has GIVEN me.
I’m not interested in pity.
I’d rather focus on what’s gone right
Than let what's gone WRONG sour my song.
I’m NOT going to accept a world that doesn’t STRIVE to be BETTER.
I’ll put it upon myself to PRAY harder, to LOVE MORE, to REACH out farther.
I’m not going to ignore the atrocities that bleed throughout this world.
I’ll take steps, even if they’re small to contribute to a world that could be,
That should be, that WILL BE… SOMEDAY.
I’m not going to condemn my brother.
Instead I’d rather INSPIRE him to do better.
I’m not going to give up
Just because STATISTICALLY I’m not suppose to achieve something.
Who gathers that stuff anyway?
I’d rather be the FIRST and be a LONER,
Than be a SECOND, who was a DOUBTFUL believer.
I refuse to live a life with small plans.
I’d rather think BIG and hit some of my BIG TARGET
Than think small and only hit some of my SMALL TARGET.
I refuse to be selfish
When this world needs more people who are SELF-LESS.
I refuse to ever think that I cannot HELP ANOTHER
For it’s the smallest things that touch those who have gone asunder.
I refuse to live a life of judgment,
I’m here to help my brothers.
I refuse to live a life of condemnation
I was made to have COMPASSION.
I refuse to ignore the LEGENDS of the PAST.
For their stories echo on
And their souls cry out for us to HEAR their SONGS.
I refuse to trust all facts.
I KNOW that truth is subjective and depends on one’s PERCEPTION.
I know that we as a society cannot really know it ALL.
I know that MANKIND remains a humble SERVANT to the UNKNOWN;
There are TRUTHS we still shall behold.
I refuse to accept absolutes,
For what we comprehend will SHIFT as the CLOCK of mankind ticks.
I refuse to believe that certain things are impossible.
For historically we have seen that there are some AMAZING POSSIBILITIES.
I refuse to turn sour when circumstances are UNFAIR;
I’ll stay sweet and leave the bitterness out there.
I believe that life is about TESTING our SPIRITS
And if we DARE
We’ll choose LOVE, ALWAYS over FEAR.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

The magic in life lies in our hands
For we’ve been given a dance to dance,
And it’s up to us to add more steps.
The rhythm was already in motion when our life arrived,
The music is dancing
The song is still alive.
We’re told how it should play out,
But we’d rather claim it for ourselves.
We’d rather really LIVE our life
And TRANSFORM the life we’ve been dealt.
For we’re NOT dancing a finished song,
We’re the ones who have to CHANGE
If we want the rhythm to match our song.
We’re not puppets unless we give away our tune,
We’re magicians because we follow our internal cues.
The words in the song seem to linger on,
Our magic comes to life
When we CHOOSE to pick up the wand
And take control of our life.
A chore of work it appears,
But have you forgotten, friend,
This song is about your tears,
This song is about your victory,
This song is about your dreams,
This song is what you NEED,
If you wish to grab on to all things.
For when you are out on the dance floor
You choose your step,
You choose your beat,
You choose your direction,
You choose your feat.
You claim your power on the floor,
You choose your force,
You choose your game,
You dance for you are PROUD of your name.
The magic in life lies in YOUR HANDS,
Because it depends on your will,
And how firmly you DARE to STAND.


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

Never do we become a more skilled athlete because our competition is weak.
Never do we become wiser because life’s lessons have been easy.
Never do we become smarter because all the answers were apparent.
Never do we attain more compassion for another by asking for a perfect ride in life.
Never do we attain more endurance when instant happenings have always been right by our side.
Never do we reach out MORE to help another by remaining absorbed in our own events.
Never do we sacrifice for another if our sight remains on ourselves.
Never do we jump higher if the basket hoop is low.
Never do we dream bigger if we think our goals are unattainable.
Never do we share more if the world feels cold.
Never do we lend a hand if we’re too afraid of another man.
Never do we look over the fence to see our brother’s side, if we believe that his good is not alive.
Never do we seek to give if we feel it will be in vain.
Never do we seek to wholeheartedly live, if we think love is not part of the game.
Never do we seek to dance if the rhythm does not match our song.
Never do we seek to light a candle, if we fear it will not make a difference.
Never do we seek to try if we believe our efforts are hidden.
Never do we seek to belong if we feel that the group is not connected to us.
Never do we seek victory if we believe it’s too big of a feat.
Never do we seek a second chance if we run and only believe in defeat.
Never do we dare to be ourselves if we believe that we are not apart of this realm.
Never do we go on if we believe we’re defeated and don’t belong.
Never do we LEARN to LOVE MORE if all have already loved us.
Never do we seek God’s strength if we’ve always had earthly support.
Never do we seek INTERNAL GUIDANCE and FAITH if we’ve always been understood.
Never do we IDENTIFY our INTERNAL power if all we need has always surrounded us.
Never do we BECOME whom we’ve been INTENDED to be all along, if our life has been nothing but roses and a sweet song.
Our soul is written in the stars when we’ve fallen far yet fought MORE to RISE high to the depths of the sky,
We’ve then become a legend to the wise.
Our battle to become a stronger soul is what glows,
It’s our goodness to fight for right that remains and continues to flow.
Let your legendary story create YOUR LEGENDARY MOLD,
In the stars it’s left to create a NEW BEAUTY that unfolds.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Makes Someone A HERO?

By TNK's VisioniSTA

Don’t Wikipedia it, I’m asking YOU a question. What does someone have to do to become classified as a hero? Do they have to accomplish something small? Something big? Does it need to be so amazing that it’s out of this world? Must they have supernatural powers, or must they be human with supernatural gifts? What element, trait, act, thought process, gift or idea makes one a hero? If you look at the heroic individuals in the past or in the present, what is a commonality that they all share? Superheroes? Heroes are individuals who have (as MJ would say) made this world a better place, impacting from 1 person to billions or trillions as in the case of some extraordinary artists and leaders.

In all actuality there is no way to quantify how many people who have been remarkably impacted by a hero. You see, the example and lessons that are left behind by figures who have positively impacted the world LIVE ON far past their death. Many legends are never celebrated like they should be in their time. Often it is through their death that the majority of people step back and examine what the individual did to contribute to the human race.

There tends to be a few commonalities that some of the greatest heroes of all time shared. They had a message in some form (art, music, dance, writing, leading, etc.) that was greater than who they were as a human being, they had an INTENTION that was greater than who they were as a human being, they cared passionately about mankind’s progress, and they internally had the courage to use their God-given talents to speak truth in some form. They spoke often for people who had lost their strength and ability to speak for themselves.

I encourage you to IDENTIFY your heroes. Start off with people who you personally know such as family and friends, and try to work all the way out to people who are only historical figures in your book. Try to understand clearly WHY the people you have selected are your heroes. What personality traits do they have in which you’d like to attain? Sincerely be grateful for how they contributed to your life even if it was in an indirect way.

Passion that LIGHTS the WORLD on FIRE comes from SOULS with PROFOUND DESIRES.

It’s never too late to live your life with the kind of PASSION that will help you achieve your dreams, and help you become a HERO to a NEW generation. Passion is attained by CARING enough where one looks to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, small or big. Please forget about the people who have told you that you can’t. They don’t know anything. The truth is, you’ve probably already made a difference in this world. If we live in a world where EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is CONNECTED, how can we BELIEVE that we are NOT making an impact on this world??!!! WE ARE EVERYDAY, whether we think we are or not. I’m not telling you to believe this, it’s a FACT that we are all CONNECTED.

Live your life with PASSION because the choices you make today affect tomorrow AND affect the world. Why choose to believe that you can’t contribute, when YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING everyday.

If you don’t believe, you CANNOT CONCEIVE. If you cannot conceive your DREAMS will NEVER be.

If your dreams FEEL impossible, look historically at the figures WHO DID THE IMPOSSIBLE. Believe YOU can do it, too.

And finally, remember we’ve all been blessed with our own unique talents. If you don’t contribute then you throw away what God has blessed you with. You forfeit your own game and you pull yourself off the court. Do you really want to live your life on the sidelines only watching all the time? Identify your heroes and pick the ones that INSPIRE YOU to be YOUR GREATNEST. We ALL are GREAT, and we have talents given from God. I can’t be who you are, and you can’t be who I am, but together, if we use what we’ve each been given we’ll go in life exactly where we need to go, and we’ll do with our lives exactly what we were intended to do.

I CAN’T do what you do, BUT I can SEE the GREATNESS in YOU. I don’t want to just see it, I want YOU to bring it to LIFE.



It’s the side of the road,

And if you choose it

You carry an even bigger load.

You can’t live your life

In the passenger’s seat.

Take the wheel

And drive from the driver’s seat.

Take the keys

And take control of the direction

You’re headed in.

You can’t play the blame game,

AND if you play

You’re NOT playing to win.

For you are the only one

Who chooses your path,

And when you let others choose it for you

You are still choosing it, too.

Your life has your name written all over it,

But if you give your power to another

And let them choose it for you,

You’ve once again chosen, too.

And you’ll reap what you’ve given away.

This outcome now is YOUR outcome.

Stop giving your power away;

Take it back

And EMPOWER yourself today.

You’re not a victim

Until you believe you are

For those who have faced the worst

In fact, have the most internal power

Lying dormant within.

And if you believe God has equipped you for your battles

You will ultimately see he has.

If you choose to believe you can’t overcome

Then you will never have a prayer.

You must first offer faith

Your faith will attach to belief,

Your belief in God’s greatness WITHIN you

Will set you apart from those who don’t believe.

You can only see WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

You must envision your dreams

If you wish for them to have wings.

If you feel that your life is out of your control

Start looking for the little things that you can control.

For when you dare to take your life back

You prove that dreams go BEYOND FACTS.

For people who tell you it can’t be done

Only speak for themselves,

And what mankind has yet seen.

Don’t let these souls smear your dreams.

Bind yourself with others who DREAM big, too.

For if you look at the historical facts

You will see the FIRST person to do anything

Always had to go against false seeds that were intact.

It’s never smooth sailing to be the first,

But it’s got to be the most rewarding.

Let those who wish to doubt, doubt.

For their doubt does NOT affect you

Unless you give it the power to.

Guard your dreams until you find those

Who dream like you, too.

For when your dreams are just formulating

They are vulnerable to another’s criticism.

So share them only with those who support dreaming BIG,

And with time a momentum will be created,

And the critics can have at them,

And their words will be drowned out


God has handed you.

For no one knows YOUR STORY like you do.

Only YOU can create your FUTURE

Only YOU has lived your PAST

Only YOU can embrace the PRESENT,

To take your talents

And make your dreams


Choose to take control.

Choose to play YOUR GAME.

Let the sideline critics

Do what they’re best at:

Standing on the sidelines, watching.

Watching you jump up to the stars in the sky,

And pull YOUR DREAMS down to Earth.