Thursday, November 26, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSta

For if you dare to go FIRST,
You set the pace
And the others will see that
IF YOU have the power to stand
Then they too can stand.
For it’s not about a call;
It’s already been made.
The world is WAITING
For us to turn a NEW PAGE.
The POWERS that I see,
Are powers we’ve been GIVEN.
For the forces that STAND
Must do it before man.
For my vision is GREATER
If we put OUR visions TOGETHER.
For FOUR pillars stand
And the leaders TOGETHER see more
In comparison than just one who’s gone before.
For what is written comes from your SIGHT
For if we dare to see HIGHER
You will SEE
Your GIVING purpose will make you a FLIER.
For we’ve been sent to SPEAK
For those who’ve lost their hope
To speak for themselves.
For if WE speak
We help them to LOOK UP,
And we help them to see their own potential.
For the poverty that PLAGUES the nations
Is because of a CORRUPT foundation.
For OUR LOVE will speak
If we dare to care
For our brothers,
For our sisters,
Need us to SPEAK
For their bodies are WEAK.
They have NO FOOD to feed their minds
And because of this
They’re LOSING their TIME.
Corruptness is often chosen
To PASS their time.
But if we could SEE
We would have FELT
That these souls NEED OUR HELP.
And if we dare to care
We will speak
For they have NOT yet spoken for themselves.
For their bodies are weak
For the food they need to FEED THEIR MINDS
Is NOT there,
And they’re running OUT of TIME.
The pain they have
They pass it to others.
For they have not yet DISCOVERED
That MANKIND is CONNECTED as brothers.
We must FEED their MINDS
If we wish to FEED their SOULS.
For a life that looks bleak
Has goals that reach only as far as their bodies can EAT.
If we take their goals
And make them OUR goals
We might just reach their minds.
For love power can be FED to GIVE these humans more time.
It’s our time to STAND.
We’ve been taught that
For if we LOVE,
We will SHARE,
For their minds need our CARE.
And our power, SITS HERE
Waiting to be more than useless thoughts.
If we just dare to SEE,
If we just dare to CARE.
For it was written
Air, Water, Earth & Fire
Are incomplete without
The 5th element.
The element is the 5th force;
It’s LOVE.
It causes the other FOUR ELEMENTS
For without LOVE
The 4 elements remain weak
Our future will REMAIN bleak,
But the 5th element
And the future is feeling our SHIFT
For poverty should really only be a MYTH.
For if my brother, is your brother
And your sister, is my sister
Than our CONNECTION to family is STRONG
It should INSPIRE use to REACH OUT
It should inspire us to LOVE.
For our brother,
Our sister,
Is waiting to be rescued with our vision
And our vision will be grand
If we PUT THEM in our PLANS.
And we must,
For those who are speaking,
Their minds are hungry for our LOVE
Their message is spoken from above.
For we are NOT LIVING,
If we are not GIVING,
And the message has never changed.
The same political positions still stand
The positions have not changed
Only the people in the reigns
For if we dare to stand
We must stand for good.
For our force is only as strong as our INTENTIONS,
And if we are to truly RISE
We must pick our brother up while rising.
For our victory is only
As sweet as our ability to SHARE it.
Their victory must be entwined with ours.
For we live in the 21st century
And the MIND-power
Can work with the MAN-power
That can work with the SOUL-power
For the 1 LOVE
Is the 1 TRUE POWER.
So if we dare to RISE we must rise with the thought
That my brother is IN MY HEART.
We can only rise
If they’re part of OUR VISION,
And our FOCUS is a MANKIND mission.
For our vision is their HOPE
For this is all that they’ve been left to BELIEVE.
We are left holding on to their dreams.
For their hope is OUR POWER,
For all they have is HOPE.
We must FEED their minds
So they STOP resorting to crime.
And our power can FEED their HOPE.
For the hope of power
Has to be for the REAL power.
For the only REAL POWER is LOVE.
It is the ONLY thing that comes from ABOVE.
The hope of power
Can be the power of hope
If we dare to SHARE
The power we’ve been GIVEN.
Their hope will take on a NEW vision.
We must FEED their minds;
Feed their souls.
For LOVE is the 5th element
That CONNECTS the souls,
And if we are to REALLY LIVE
We must LIVE to CARE
For the message that stands
Has always been written in our hearts.
For if we just BELIEVE,
We too can bring them NEW VICTORIES.
For the SOURCE that I feel
The source is LOVE.
The 4 elements are grand
But the 5th is GREATER
Its might outweighs the rest
And the men who REALLY LIVE
Are the men who have RISEN to see a greater VISION.
Love is the power of CREATION;
The 5th element is the element of implementation.
Because LOVE is the most powerful source AND force.
For with the four but less the 5th
The universe is BLIND
For the soul CANNOT SEE
Without LOVE in it’s MIND.
And the RIGHT POWER will only be FELT
By those who wish to rise
With a FOCUS that puts THEIR EGO in DISGUISE.
For the 5th element UNITES us
And it REVIVES us.
For those who feel it
Have known it’s SECRET power
This love power is ready to stand.
Can we reach out and help those
Who OUTREACH their starving hands?