Thursday, November 12, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

Never do we become a more skilled athlete because our competition is weak.
Never do we become wiser because life’s lessons have been easy.
Never do we become smarter because all the answers were apparent.
Never do we attain more compassion for another by asking for a perfect ride in life.
Never do we attain more endurance when instant happenings have always been right by our side.
Never do we reach out MORE to help another by remaining absorbed in our own events.
Never do we sacrifice for another if our sight remains on ourselves.
Never do we jump higher if the basket hoop is low.
Never do we dream bigger if we think our goals are unattainable.
Never do we share more if the world feels cold.
Never do we lend a hand if we’re too afraid of another man.
Never do we look over the fence to see our brother’s side, if we believe that his good is not alive.
Never do we seek to give if we feel it will be in vain.
Never do we seek to wholeheartedly live, if we think love is not part of the game.
Never do we seek to dance if the rhythm does not match our song.
Never do we seek to light a candle, if we fear it will not make a difference.
Never do we seek to try if we believe our efforts are hidden.
Never do we seek to belong if we feel that the group is not connected to us.
Never do we seek victory if we believe it’s too big of a feat.
Never do we seek a second chance if we run and only believe in defeat.
Never do we dare to be ourselves if we believe that we are not apart of this realm.
Never do we go on if we believe we’re defeated and don’t belong.
Never do we LEARN to LOVE MORE if all have already loved us.
Never do we seek God’s strength if we’ve always had earthly support.
Never do we seek INTERNAL GUIDANCE and FAITH if we’ve always been understood.
Never do we IDENTIFY our INTERNAL power if all we need has always surrounded us.
Never do we BECOME whom we’ve been INTENDED to be all along, if our life has been nothing but roses and a sweet song.
Our soul is written in the stars when we’ve fallen far yet fought MORE to RISE high to the depths of the sky,
We’ve then become a legend to the wise.
Our battle to become a stronger soul is what glows,
It’s our goodness to fight for right that remains and continues to flow.
Let your legendary story create YOUR LEGENDARY MOLD,
In the stars it’s left to create a NEW BEAUTY that unfolds.