Saturday, February 13, 2010

Live a Life in LOVE

By TNK's ViSiOniSta

LOVE is not a temporary feeling nor a temporary giving.
It’s something that should be done as a living.
Done through every inherent step we take,
Tasted in every moment that life is awake.
Felt in every beat the heart makes,
It is a constant “face” that we make.
LOVE is never lacking nor needing something from another.
It is magic that comes from within.
Yet for most souls it still remains to be uncovered.
It is given to another but never taken nor forsaken.
The LOVE from our creator is perfect in every form.
The more we connect to LOVE the more it empowers us to see
That in fact we do create our dreams.
The lacking, the emptiness, the darkness, the wilted flower, the dead seeds
Are only in need of LOVING beautifully.
It’s difficult to see clear when true LOVE has not yet overcome fear,
But it’s possible to reach higher and overcome the darkness that tends to transpire.
For the absence of LOVE is the weakness,
And the beauty of LOVE is that it is the face of our creator,
And when we allow it to run through us it will show us truth.
For there is nothing but LOVE in truth and truth in LOVE.
The light, the LOVE, the abundance all comes from above.
To cast out LOVE, to shut out the door is to welcome the darkness in forever more.
When we know LOVE we know that it runs through us all,
And denying it, denies us the beauty in life.
It is the sweet savor that is God’s only true might.
LOVE is the power of God;
God is the power of LOVE.
To think our creator would be different
Only would cause us to judge our brothers and sisters,
And what kind of God would divide his people?
LOVE is constantly where it is welcomed,
And when we cut it off, its absence is what brings us down.
LOVE is the force that will take the hate down.
LOVE is a momentum you build up inside.
The prophets who’ve gone before
Really LOVED all of mankind.
LOVE is the only true power that exists
Because in the end, it really is all that there is.
When you create anything in true LOVE
You’ll align with a force that is the only thing from above.
In every step that you take,
Give thanks.
In every breath that you breath
Ask God to help you create.
In every laugh that you share,
In every moment that you become more aware,
In every hand that you hold,
With every heart that you’ve felt,
With every chance that you get to give,
In all the light, color and beauty that you see,
In all the painful yet great lessons that you’ve learned,
In all the moments that LOVE made your heart melt,
Know that this force is greater than all the darkness that lacks the LOVE.
LOVE is, has been, and will always be our Creator.
Live a life in LOVE;
Give it away.
It will never run out;
In fact it grows day by day.
In every step that you take
Do it to make God’s LOVE great.