Saturday, December 12, 2009


By TNK's VisIoNiSta

The risk taker is my HERO;
The one who will risk it ALL
Because life without zest
Is NO life at all.
The person who plays his own beat everyday
Who has tapped into the DREAMS of this universe,
And he will strive to go boldly
Where he HEARS his calling,
Even when the critics scream in his face.
The path-MAKER, the pace-setter, the BELIEVER,
Who energizes the room when he walks in.
He’s got the whole world thinking,
“What’s he got that I don’t?”
It’s not that he’s GREATER,
He’s set apart by his BELIEF.
His LEAPS OF FAITH are what makes him a CHIEF.
Because of his fervor and STRIKING courage
They ponder the question of their own strength.
His positivity is contagious.
His MOLD leaves a story to be told.
For when he dared, they weren’t ready to dare, too.
But his leap of faith, gave him WINGS
And what he’s DONE alone seems to SING.
The crowd sits in awe,
They contemplate their own fate:
“Could I do it, too?”
“Is it in me? Or just you?”
“Could I do it, too?”
The secret of the matter is
Just BELIEVE it’s in YOU.

Friday, December 4, 2009


By TNK's ViSiOniStA

Life is NOT what you come with,
It’s what you CREATE with what you’ve been handed.
Power is too often spent too QUICKLY.
The hands, which receive it, spend it fast.
They tend to lose their goodness and end up last.
Power is MORE than what it seems.
Some who have it
Still don’t understand what POWER really MEANS.
Power that is spent WISELY does not dwindle
In the night.
It has earned its RIGHT;
It ENDURES the evil might.
Life is NOT about controlling an experience
Nor making plans that all fall into place.
Life is going with GOD’s PACE.
Life is NOT about depletion.
Life is about contributing to Earth’s CREATION.
Life is NOT about forgetting your brother.
It’s about sharing your stride
With those who’ve stumbled as they’ve past by.
It’s about GIVING a hand to those who can’t BELIEVE
Since their journey has felt like they’ve been LOST at SEA.
Life is NOT about the picture,
It’s about the Artist.
The MEANING behind the painting is WHY it stands.
It’s beauty that’s held in the creator’s hands.
Life is NOT about what you know
It’s ALWAYS about what you sow.
It’s not necessarily about accomplishing greatness.
For when you DISCOVER,
And you let God’s divine LIGHT be uncovered,
You see that what comes from WITHIN
Could never be compared to a GOAL-
For what truth does that really hold?
As souls of our CREATOR,
We’re great, we’ve been told.
Life is about taking CHANCES that make our HEARTS skip a beat.
A BOLD RISK to feel how human you are inside
Yet how your SOUL POWER dominates the fear
When daring to go after a PRIZE.
Life is about learning the WRONG way.
Making the MISTAKE,
FALLING completely on your face.
It’s only THEN,
It’s only THERE,
That God can REACH YOU to give you HIS strength,
And that’s when he GUIDES you up NEW stairs.
The moment you fall you’ll NEVER be the same again,
And when you let God take control,
You truly just LET GO.
The path you hit is DIFFERENT because of your PAST,
But the difference is actually BEAUTIFUL you SEE at last.
For the boulders that land in your PATH
Are NOT a mistake.
They TEACH you what you couldn’t have learned.
What you wouldn’t have LEARNED
With a leisurely walk around the park.
Your mission is DIFFERENT
Because you are DIFFERENT from what hit you.
The Universe has SHIFTED,
Yet failing is only a myth.
WHO you have BECOME
Is who you ALWAYS were meant to be.
STOP thinking your PAST was a MISTAKE.
For it taught you so much at an EXCELLERATED rate.
You own the NEW SIGHT
Your NEW SHIFT was always part of your plight.
To surrender to the PAST would be wise
For your future is WAITING
Ready for you to REACH the SKIES!
Life is NOT what you THINK it should be
It is EXACTLY what you NEED it to be.
Who you are to BECOME
Is CONNECTED to everything.
Your story will consume you
If you forget to SEE
That your past is LINKED to your future,
Without the chain, you’d never be the same.
The BLESSING is YOURS when you learn to TRUST
That we GROW when we let the critic go.
It KNOWS nothing of what God has SOWN.
ALL along this was INTENDED to be
For GOD KNEW the PAST just had to be.