Saturday, March 20, 2010


By TNK aka Tiffany ViSioNiStA Kress

I dare you to dream like you’ve never dreamed before.
I dare you to dance like your feet have just met the floor.
I dare you to believe that you’re greater than you’ve ever thought.
I dare to you see the people in your life,
And see the ones who you really work to end your strife.
It’s funny that we tend to be caught in a maze
And all we do is stand around in a gaze.
And we tend to look into the eyes of the people, who have a very critical disguise,
And we seek their support when they can’t even give it to the wise.
And because we can’t get them to see us as we are
We create expectations for ourselves to gain their approval, which will never be felt.
For what we expect them to see in us
Will never be seen,
So WHY are we waiting for them to complete our dreams?
Are we willing to trust that limitations exist,
And that it’s impossible to live a life full of bliss?
Why are we looking for the approval from the people who don’t really know how to care?
For in fact they don’t even see us there.
We need to look INSIDE for this is where ALL OUR MAGIC lies.
You’ve heard it before, and I’m sure you’ll hear it again
But the only truth is the truth that YOU hold WITHIN.
And when you BeLiEve that you need someone’s approval
You’ll fight for it, thinking once you get it, it’ll end your strife.
The truth is, “Why does THEIR approval give you LIFE?”
Your GreaTness has it’s OWN InTerNaL, Eternal link,
And you don’t need another to have it UNCOVERED.
You are YOUR own MaStEr,
Your own author,
Your own painter,
Your own storyteller,
And while it’s admirable to acknowledge the greatness in another
Know too, that YOUR GREATNESS should be UNCOVERED.
There is NO exclusivity in this world when you live a LiFe that is REAL.
There is NO exclusivity to the SOURCE.
There is NO exclusivity to the magic that can be on YOUR course.
If you can celebrate a brother’s victory,
Then you’ll learn to be proud of your own.
If you can rejoice in a sister’s accomplishment,
Then you’ll be excited to share those of your own.
For when you hand it to another
You’re actually handing it back to yourself.
And in a universe full of ABUNDANCE
Our biggest weakness is the thoughts we hold inside,
That say there’s not enough for everyone to fly.
It’s our beliefs that hold us in,
And it’s love that helps us step out of them.
If you run your life from the sidelines then fear will have created its foothold.
But if you run against the critic
And take on the chants in the crowd
You’ve got more HEART than those who never leave the safe bounds.
For even when you fall, you’ll get right back up
For you’ve chosen to wear the cape of love
And fear you’ll never serve
Because you’re not playing the game of life to not lose
Why would you focus on it from that perspective?
You’re playing it to WIN.
You’re not on the defense,
You’re on the offense,
And if you’re going to play it to win
You’ve got to play it for YOUR LOVE of the game.
When you critique another
The illusion is that you’re actually critiquing yourself.
For what you don’t like in others
For what you judge carelessly
For what you say when you don’t know
Sets your boundaries and limitations by what you’ve sown.
The more you critique the more you’ll fear
The more you admire, appreciation and high five up
The more you’ll find yourself ready to blow through this bluff of FEAR.
The illusion is in fact that we are the ONLY ones, who have the power to make it REAL,
And we are the only ones that through our POWER to LOVE can make it DISAPPEAR.
You can’t change your world if you can’t change your SIGHT.
If you can SEE through LoVing eyes than we might be able to pull back the shades.
Why can’t we go after it all?
Who told you that it’s impossible?
Are you writing your dream, or did you invite them to do it for you?
And if you did, I hope that they’re good company
Because you’ll begin to see that either they take away or add to it
And if you let them stay and pull your dreams apart
You may want to reconsider the company you’re amongst.
For I believe that what you believe will be TRUE.
And I can’t change your mindset nor would I ever try to toil with the skeptic eyes.
But if you BeLieve that you’re here for something GREATER,
That you’ve got GREATNESS INSIDE
And you’re ready to take on any tide
You’re ready to see what you can make come ALIVE
Then don’t let that seed go by the wayside.
Because I know that the truth of your greatness is so
And I SEE it, and I FEEL it, and I HOPE you do, too,
But I can’t make you believe, if you don’t BELIEVE in YOU.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

... I BeLieVe ...

By TNK aka Tiffany ViSionIstA Kress

I Believe we create our own MaGiC in LiFe.
I Believe we create ourselves by our BEliEfs.
I Believe we create our LiVes by what we VaLuE.
I Believe we come to VaLuE what we think will give us LoVe yet I believe LoVe is an internal well of ABunDance that ComEs from within.
I BeLieve we can only give LoVe to another after we already have LoVe for ourselves.
I Believe change is AweSome and if we FlOw with it, it will AlLow the unimaginable 2 flow in2 our LiVes.
I Believe that we are GreAt SouLs, and we should honor our essence.
I Believe what we SEEK 2 Give in LiFe will be GIVEN 2 us.
I Believe we should embrace our ImaGinAtIoNs more than we EmBraCe the FacTs.
I BeliEVe we are authors, painters, story-tellers, dancers, lovers, creators, leaders of our DeStInIes.
I BeLiEVe if we seek to empower others, we will become empowered.
I BeliEve if we seek 2 be the best that we can be for the WhOLe, we will become whole.
I Believe that children are some of the wisest people on this earth before they are domesticated.
I BeLieVe we learn 2 value the people in our lives who love us with the most genuine, unconditional LoVe when we actually LeArn 2 truly LoVe ourselves.
I Believe that what we choose in LiFe also chooses us, and when we run the ground feels our beat and anticipates our next step.
I Believe we should surround OurSelVes with people who InSpiRe us to live more PaSsIonAtely.
I Believe Motivation is short lived, but PassIon lights a FiRe that takes our StrenGth HigheR.
I Believe we make a difference in this WoRLd by simply being a LoVing ForCe for all the people who surround us.
I BeLieve when we lose the Ego we Gain the WorLd.
I BeLieVe that what You BeLieVe will come true for you.
I BeLieVe that when we have GoldeN EyEs we SeE GolDen LiVes.
I BeLieve it is through out HeaRt that we have Sight & it is through our LiVes that we create new heights.
I BeLieve that your InTenTions become what is intended for you.
I BeLieve we are an expression and you ShouLd ExPress your LiFe Fully.
I BeLieve our LiveS are like painting a MasTerPieCe, that when we paint with passion it's evident in our work. And when we paint with love it's evident in our shades. And when we paint with one-of-a-kindness it sells like nothing has ever been sold before. And when we paint with gratitude the work tends to be gracious unto us. And when we paint all we do is express what we FEEL.
I BeLiEve I have been BleSsed, and I'm blessed to have BeLieVed.
I Believe LoVe is the way. LoVe has always been the way, and LoVe will AlWays be the WaY.
I Believe LoVe is the only thing that can bring this WorLd to it's knees, and that LoVe is the only thing that will help this WoRLd rise off of it's Knees.
I BeLieVe… oh, yes I do.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Live a Life in LOVE

By TNK's ViSiOniSta

LOVE is not a temporary feeling nor a temporary giving.
It’s something that should be done as a living.
Done through every inherent step we take,
Tasted in every moment that life is awake.
Felt in every beat the heart makes,
It is a constant “face” that we make.
LOVE is never lacking nor needing something from another.
It is magic that comes from within.
Yet for most souls it still remains to be uncovered.
It is given to another but never taken nor forsaken.
The LOVE from our creator is perfect in every form.
The more we connect to LOVE the more it empowers us to see
That in fact we do create our dreams.
The lacking, the emptiness, the darkness, the wilted flower, the dead seeds
Are only in need of LOVING beautifully.
It’s difficult to see clear when true LOVE has not yet overcome fear,
But it’s possible to reach higher and overcome the darkness that tends to transpire.
For the absence of LOVE is the weakness,
And the beauty of LOVE is that it is the face of our creator,
And when we allow it to run through us it will show us truth.
For there is nothing but LOVE in truth and truth in LOVE.
The light, the LOVE, the abundance all comes from above.
To cast out LOVE, to shut out the door is to welcome the darkness in forever more.
When we know LOVE we know that it runs through us all,
And denying it, denies us the beauty in life.
It is the sweet savor that is God’s only true might.
LOVE is the power of God;
God is the power of LOVE.
To think our creator would be different
Only would cause us to judge our brothers and sisters,
And what kind of God would divide his people?
LOVE is constantly where it is welcomed,
And when we cut it off, its absence is what brings us down.
LOVE is the force that will take the hate down.
LOVE is a momentum you build up inside.
The prophets who’ve gone before
Really LOVED all of mankind.
LOVE is the only true power that exists
Because in the end, it really is all that there is.
When you create anything in true LOVE
You’ll align with a force that is the only thing from above.
In every step that you take,
Give thanks.
In every breath that you breath
Ask God to help you create.
In every laugh that you share,
In every moment that you become more aware,
In every hand that you hold,
With every heart that you’ve felt,
With every chance that you get to give,
In all the light, color and beauty that you see,
In all the painful yet great lessons that you’ve learned,
In all the moments that LOVE made your heart melt,
Know that this force is greater than all the darkness that lacks the LOVE.
LOVE is, has been, and will always be our Creator.
Live a life in LOVE;
Give it away.
It will never run out;
In fact it grows day by day.
In every step that you take
Do it to make God’s LOVE great.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


By TNK's ViSiOnIsTa

They skipped my song
I was so sad,
But then a NEW one came along.
It was so SWEET
I FORGOT my old beat
The NEW one is now mine.
Time has changed my mind.
For my old song was perfect for my PAST,
And it played like a jam that gave me a blast,
But as I danced I moved away.
My dancing partners took me across the stage.
I found that I was turning a NEW page.
My frequency was shifting and steps were changing.
I wanted the past to stay in place,
I wanted to hold on,
And allow nothing to fall out of place.
I fought and struggled against the change.
I wanted to dictate the story.
I should be the ONLY one allowed to turn the page.
It happened oh so fast,
I didn’t have a chance to even LET GO of the past.
I had to keep dancing,
And I had to keep pace with the CHANGE,
But my emotions seemed to keep me back
For my heart lay BEHIND me,
And the pull of the Universe was AHEAD of me.
Some friends could NOT keep in the race,
And I didn’t want them to leave,
But the Universe only kept pulling me.
In tune to it’s rush
I had to stay in touch.
I had to move ahead for what was waiting
Was waiting for me,
And if I was willing to TRUST in my dreams.
I was going to have to let go and just BELIEVE.
My heart was floating out at sea
It could no longer take this feeling of uncertainty.
For when the Universe pulled me away
It gave me a NEW chance to play this GAME.
My emotions were boxed up to be released away
And all of a sudden the music has changed.
My song has a NEW name.
When I let go, the game got on a roll,
For my emotions before had CLOUDED my sight,
But now this time was different
I was leaning on God’s MIGHT.
To check in or check out or to move on,
My story was ready to HEAR the NEW song.
The resistance has stopped.
The flow of the Universe is FELT.
Don’t hold on, when it’s time to let go
Attach your WINGS
It’s time to go with God’s flow!