Saturday, March 20, 2010


By TNK aka Tiffany ViSioNiStA Kress

I dare you to dream like you’ve never dreamed before.
I dare you to dance like your feet have just met the floor.
I dare you to believe that you’re greater than you’ve ever thought.
I dare to you see the people in your life,
And see the ones who you really work to end your strife.
It’s funny that we tend to be caught in a maze
And all we do is stand around in a gaze.
And we tend to look into the eyes of the people, who have a very critical disguise,
And we seek their support when they can’t even give it to the wise.
And because we can’t get them to see us as we are
We create expectations for ourselves to gain their approval, which will never be felt.
For what we expect them to see in us
Will never be seen,
So WHY are we waiting for them to complete our dreams?
Are we willing to trust that limitations exist,
And that it’s impossible to live a life full of bliss?
Why are we looking for the approval from the people who don’t really know how to care?
For in fact they don’t even see us there.
We need to look INSIDE for this is where ALL OUR MAGIC lies.
You’ve heard it before, and I’m sure you’ll hear it again
But the only truth is the truth that YOU hold WITHIN.
And when you BeLiEve that you need someone’s approval
You’ll fight for it, thinking once you get it, it’ll end your strife.
The truth is, “Why does THEIR approval give you LIFE?”
Your GreaTness has it’s OWN InTerNaL, Eternal link,
And you don’t need another to have it UNCOVERED.
You are YOUR own MaStEr,
Your own author,
Your own painter,
Your own storyteller,
And while it’s admirable to acknowledge the greatness in another
Know too, that YOUR GREATNESS should be UNCOVERED.
There is NO exclusivity in this world when you live a LiFe that is REAL.
There is NO exclusivity to the SOURCE.
There is NO exclusivity to the magic that can be on YOUR course.
If you can celebrate a brother’s victory,
Then you’ll learn to be proud of your own.
If you can rejoice in a sister’s accomplishment,
Then you’ll be excited to share those of your own.
For when you hand it to another
You’re actually handing it back to yourself.
And in a universe full of ABUNDANCE
Our biggest weakness is the thoughts we hold inside,
That say there’s not enough for everyone to fly.
It’s our beliefs that hold us in,
And it’s love that helps us step out of them.
If you run your life from the sidelines then fear will have created its foothold.
But if you run against the critic
And take on the chants in the crowd
You’ve got more HEART than those who never leave the safe bounds.
For even when you fall, you’ll get right back up
For you’ve chosen to wear the cape of love
And fear you’ll never serve
Because you’re not playing the game of life to not lose
Why would you focus on it from that perspective?
You’re playing it to WIN.
You’re not on the defense,
You’re on the offense,
And if you’re going to play it to win
You’ve got to play it for YOUR LOVE of the game.
When you critique another
The illusion is that you’re actually critiquing yourself.
For what you don’t like in others
For what you judge carelessly
For what you say when you don’t know
Sets your boundaries and limitations by what you’ve sown.
The more you critique the more you’ll fear
The more you admire, appreciation and high five up
The more you’ll find yourself ready to blow through this bluff of FEAR.
The illusion is in fact that we are the ONLY ones, who have the power to make it REAL,
And we are the only ones that through our POWER to LOVE can make it DISAPPEAR.
You can’t change your world if you can’t change your SIGHT.
If you can SEE through LoVing eyes than we might be able to pull back the shades.
Why can’t we go after it all?
Who told you that it’s impossible?
Are you writing your dream, or did you invite them to do it for you?
And if you did, I hope that they’re good company
Because you’ll begin to see that either they take away or add to it
And if you let them stay and pull your dreams apart
You may want to reconsider the company you’re amongst.
For I believe that what you believe will be TRUE.
And I can’t change your mindset nor would I ever try to toil with the skeptic eyes.
But if you BeLieve that you’re here for something GREATER,
That you’ve got GREATNESS INSIDE
And you’re ready to take on any tide
You’re ready to see what you can make come ALIVE
Then don’t let that seed go by the wayside.
Because I know that the truth of your greatness is so
And I SEE it, and I FEEL it, and I HOPE you do, too,
But I can’t make you believe, if you don’t BELIEVE in YOU.