Saturday, November 14, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

I’m not going to give up
Just because the odds say I’ll never make it.
I’m not going to say you’re right
When I FEEL you’re wrong.
I’m not going to accept your conclusion
Just because my conclusion fails to meet mankind’s CURRENT database.
I’m not going to let YOUR OPINION
Drown out my INTENTIONS.
I’m not going to LOVE less,
If you love me less.
I'm going to LOVE MORE
For your actions indicate you NEED MORE.
I’m going to GIVE my BEST
Even if the world is not READY for this test.
I’m not going to accept the victim status;
I’m here to PLAY the life God has GIVEN me.
I’m not interested in pity.
I’d rather focus on what’s gone right
Than let what's gone WRONG sour my song.
I’m NOT going to accept a world that doesn’t STRIVE to be BETTER.
I’ll put it upon myself to PRAY harder, to LOVE MORE, to REACH out farther.
I’m not going to ignore the atrocities that bleed throughout this world.
I’ll take steps, even if they’re small to contribute to a world that could be,
That should be, that WILL BE… SOMEDAY.
I’m not going to condemn my brother.
Instead I’d rather INSPIRE him to do better.
I’m not going to give up
Just because STATISTICALLY I’m not suppose to achieve something.
Who gathers that stuff anyway?
I’d rather be the FIRST and be a LONER,
Than be a SECOND, who was a DOUBTFUL believer.
I refuse to live a life with small plans.
I’d rather think BIG and hit some of my BIG TARGET
Than think small and only hit some of my SMALL TARGET.
I refuse to be selfish
When this world needs more people who are SELF-LESS.
I refuse to ever think that I cannot HELP ANOTHER
For it’s the smallest things that touch those who have gone asunder.
I refuse to live a life of judgment,
I’m here to help my brothers.
I refuse to live a life of condemnation
I was made to have COMPASSION.
I refuse to ignore the LEGENDS of the PAST.
For their stories echo on
And their souls cry out for us to HEAR their SONGS.
I refuse to trust all facts.
I KNOW that truth is subjective and depends on one’s PERCEPTION.
I know that we as a society cannot really know it ALL.
I know that MANKIND remains a humble SERVANT to the UNKNOWN;
There are TRUTHS we still shall behold.
I refuse to accept absolutes,
For what we comprehend will SHIFT as the CLOCK of mankind ticks.
I refuse to believe that certain things are impossible.
For historically we have seen that there are some AMAZING POSSIBILITIES.
I refuse to turn sour when circumstances are UNFAIR;
I’ll stay sweet and leave the bitterness out there.
I believe that life is about TESTING our SPIRITS
And if we DARE
We’ll choose LOVE, ALWAYS over FEAR.