Thursday, November 12, 2009


By TNK's VisIoniSTA

The magic in life lies in our hands
For we’ve been given a dance to dance,
And it’s up to us to add more steps.
The rhythm was already in motion when our life arrived,
The music is dancing
The song is still alive.
We’re told how it should play out,
But we’d rather claim it for ourselves.
We’d rather really LIVE our life
And TRANSFORM the life we’ve been dealt.
For we’re NOT dancing a finished song,
We’re the ones who have to CHANGE
If we want the rhythm to match our song.
We’re not puppets unless we give away our tune,
We’re magicians because we follow our internal cues.
The words in the song seem to linger on,
Our magic comes to life
When we CHOOSE to pick up the wand
And take control of our life.
A chore of work it appears,
But have you forgotten, friend,
This song is about your tears,
This song is about your victory,
This song is about your dreams,
This song is what you NEED,
If you wish to grab on to all things.
For when you are out on the dance floor
You choose your step,
You choose your beat,
You choose your direction,
You choose your feat.
You claim your power on the floor,
You choose your force,
You choose your game,
You dance for you are PROUD of your name.
The magic in life lies in YOUR HANDS,
Because it depends on your will,
And how firmly you DARE to STAND.