Saturday, December 12, 2009


By TNK's VisIoNiSta

The risk taker is my HERO;
The one who will risk it ALL
Because life without zest
Is NO life at all.
The person who plays his own beat everyday
Who has tapped into the DREAMS of this universe,
And he will strive to go boldly
Where he HEARS his calling,
Even when the critics scream in his face.
The path-MAKER, the pace-setter, the BELIEVER,
Who energizes the room when he walks in.
He’s got the whole world thinking,
“What’s he got that I don’t?”
It’s not that he’s GREATER,
He’s set apart by his BELIEF.
His LEAPS OF FAITH are what makes him a CHIEF.
Because of his fervor and STRIKING courage
They ponder the question of their own strength.
His positivity is contagious.
His MOLD leaves a story to be told.
For when he dared, they weren’t ready to dare, too.
But his leap of faith, gave him WINGS
And what he’s DONE alone seems to SING.
The crowd sits in awe,
They contemplate their own fate:
“Could I do it, too?”
“Is it in me? Or just you?”
“Could I do it, too?”
The secret of the matter is
Just BELIEVE it’s in YOU.